"A home at the end of the Word" - Two very different boys are drawn together by their oppressive home lives and by a connection that is both brotherly and sexual in this superb audio adaptation of Cunningham`s vivid coming-of-age tale. Clevelanders Bobby Morrow and Jonathan Glover become childhood friends in the 1960s, and their friendship persists well into the `80s, when first Jonathan and then Bobby moves to New York City. "What a carve up" - In this novel Coe spans fifty years of politics and society in Britain creating memorable characters - however nobody would want to have a Winshaw as a friend - that stays with you long after you have finished his novel. "Cold comfort farm" - The story tells of Flora Poste, a smart, sophisticated young woman from London- rather like Stella herself- who goes to live with some strange relations in Sussex that she had never seen before, the Starkadders of Cold Comfort Farm.

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